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The Corporate Team of the ASV is responsible for managing the team from an overall perspective to make sure the team maintains its direction and achieves its specified goals. The team has employed the SCRUM methodology for agile development of software and has tweaked the same for task management of the complete team. This ensures targets set forth in the development process are met and the pace of development is maintained. Public Relations and Outreach also play a major role in their day to day work as the team is responsible for giving progress reports as well as forming and maintaining channels of communication with the Advisory Panel of the team.  

The Corporate team is also responsible for Sponsorship and Finance to ensure the development of the ASV isn’t hindered by lack of financial resources and thus also ensures the Logistic requirements of the team are met. To ensure things function smoothly, Inventory Management plays a vital role to prevent mismanagement and loss of resources. The most important aspect of operating inside a University is to involve the management of the university and thus Documentation, Approval and Permissions of tasks is of utmost importance. The Corporate team is also responsible for overlooking the complete recruitment process for the team as well as the design and content for the Website, Brochure and other Press and Media material.