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The Electronics domain is responsible for the complete Electrical and Electronics layout as well as functioning inside the vehicle. The Electronics on board form the basis for control and power distribution within the ASV and allows for optimal power distribution for boards and components with different power requirements. The electronics were fabricated keeping in mind modularity so that the boards can be quickly detached for troubleshooting or replacement. The ASV utilises a Protection Circuit Board to protect the thrusters and other sensors from any transient or reverse currents from the battery with output efficiency of 98.5%. A buck converter is used to distribute voltage and current optimally to the different devices and also employs a display which displays voltage and the drawing current from the thrusters in real time. The ASV also has the capability of Autonomous-Manual switching and remote-kill which allows it to be powered off in the case of a malfunction. The circuit boards utilized have been designed using Eagle CAD, an advanced PCB designing software and have also been converted to 3D models for virtual prototyping and integration into the final design of the ASV.