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The Mechanical team is further divided into three sub-domains, namely Design, Analysis and Fabrication. The software tools used by the design and analysis domains are SolidWorks 2014 and ANSYS WorkBench 14.5.

The main responsibilities of this domain are the design and fabrication of the hull and the superstructure of the ASV. The design requirements for the hull are strength, waterproof, low weight and low drag. These conditions have seen the domain use materials like high density expanded polystyrene, aluminum, marine-grade plywood and glass-fiber-reinforced plastic for its various prototypes. Analysis is predominantly focused on the reduction of drag for a given set of boundary conditions. Structural and impact strength is also analyzed to ensure that the ASV can handle forces that are experienced during operation. The electronics and sensor mounts that are complementary to the hull and superstructure respectively are fabricated by the mechanical domain. The cooling system for high powered electronics and waterproofing components for all through-hull wiring are made in-house. Cable-penetrators (for through-hull wiring) were manufactured using Nylon and silicon sealant used for general waterproofing purposes.

This domain is also responsible for any other mechanical requirements for the team. Test rigs for the propulsion system to measure thrust, a movable tool bench, a soldering station for the Electronics domain and a stable camera mount for the Computer Vision domain have all been fabricated.